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Berlino, 1999 M. A. Garito THE TELEVISION UNIVERSITY NEW MODELS OF DISTANCE TEACHING AND LEARNING, intervento presentato durante "Online Educa Berlino – 5th International Conference on technology Supported Learning" 
Milton Keynes (UK), 1999 M. A. Garito THE NETTUNO MODEL. NETWORK FOR THE UNIVERSITY EVERYWHERE. TOWARDS AN INTEGRATED AND OPEN DISTANCE TEACHING – LEARNING PROCESS, intervento presentato alla "Conferenza Internazionale EADTU – Conference Academic Cooperation in Europe: Strengthening Academic Network Within EADTU"
Tel Aviv, 1999 M. A. Garito THE UNIVERSITY OF THE FUTURE TOWARDS AN INTEGRATED AND OPEN TEACHING-LEARNING PROCESS, intervento presentato alla EuroMed Conference in Israel - Tele 99 "Technology in Learning Environments - The Learning Citizen"
Parigi, 1999 M. A. Garito UN NOUVEAU MODELE DE TELEVISION THEMATIQUE in "CNED – Canal Education – Revue du Centre National d’Enseignement a Distance", Futuroscope Cedex – France 1999, n°17, pp. 6-7 
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