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THE UNIVERSITY OF THE FUTURE TOWARDS AN INTEGRATED AND OPEN TEACHING-LEARNING PROCESS, intervento presentato alla EuroMed Conference in Israel - Tele 99 "Technology in Learning Environments - The Learning Citizen"

AuthorM. A. Garito  Place/DateTel Aviv, 10/25/1999

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The information science revolution has brought about a shift from an information society to a cognitive one. On the one hand, the features of its new technologies create new educational and training needs,and on the other, they offer new solutions both to meet those needs and to build tomorrow’s society. We are experiencing a cultural revolution which, thanks to the extension of information and telecommunications network, is already challenging the institutional and traditional models of both school and University. Training opportunities, easily available today thanks to new technologies, allow for learning knowledge and skills outside traditional educational or training facilities. 
In this context, the University must accept the challenge and adopt effective strategies to respond successfully to new needs and reach new users.