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Rome, 16.01.08

Enrolments to the first edition of the Master’s Course in European Cultures and Policies, born form the Open Sky Europe Project, funded by the European Commission and aimed at meeting the strong demand for education on European issues, are open.

The Distance Master’s Course in «European Cultures and Policies», open to the students coming from many European and Extra-European countries, in the Mediterranean Area in particular, aims at training operational competences within the European context.

The transfer of the cognitive tools that are need to meet this end will be made by and “inter-national” and interdisciplinary didactics, in four languages: Arabic, French, English and Italian.

The “inter-national” character of the training, represented also by the teaching staff, answers the will to supply the students with skills suited to the supra-national dimension of the current issues. Therefore, the students will have the opportunity to enhance their competences in the field of the European studies (History, Economics, Law and Political-Social Sciences) to gain knowledge on the various pillars on which the European Union is founded, to study political, economic, cultural and social interactions between the European Union and the Euro-Mediterranean Countries, in terms of human relations and protection of the common goods.

The Master’s Course is addressed to those who got a degree delivered according to the “old system” or a specialisation degree delivered according to the “new system”; it lasts one year and is structured upon four three-month modules.

The first two modules are aimed at supplying a basic and interdisciplinary training on the various aspects of the European unification process. The third module is aimed at supplying competences in the field of “Fundamental Rights”, “Immigration” and “Justice and Security”. The final module is aimed at supplying the student with theoretical-practical tools that are indispensable to understand the processes of political interaction between different actors.

In order to get enrolled to the Master’s Course, students must have a university degree in Social or Political Sciences, Sociology, Law, History or Economics, Literature and Philosophy. In addition, a good command of al least to foreign languages is required.

Didactics is carried out through the Internet, in the “Master” section of the portal, the first portal in the world where teaching takes place in 4 languages: Italian, English, French and Arabic.