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UNINETTUNO: Record-breaking enrolments (+25%). Increasing also the number of foreign students (+15%). Today the University’s Open Day in live streaming


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Today, at 5 pm, there will be UNINETTUNO’s Open Day, streamed live on the University’s website and FB page, with the Faculties’ Deans who will present the educational offer for 2020-2021 Academic Year.

During the Open Day, the students will be able to book a session of guidance and introduction to the our study model and to the educational offer for the new year.

To date, the University has over 28 thousand students coming from 176 countries across the world, over 1,000 among professors and researchers, 200 exam centers and 114 technological poles.

Rome, the 8th July 2020 – Growing figures for the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO that, in 2019-2020 Academic Year recorded an increase of enrolments by 25% and an increase of the foreign students by 15%, thus confirming itself as an international successful University, particularly loved by “Millennials”.  Actually, more and more young people choose UNINETTUNO, that, in the last five years, recorded an 25% average increase of new enrolments in the age bracket comprised between 19 and 24.  To date, UNINETTUNO can count on over 28 thousand students enrolled in it degree, master’s, research doctorate’s courses, vocational training courses and in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), coming from 176 countries.

Today, at 5 pm, streamed live on the University’s website and FB page, UNINETTUNO presents its educational offer for the new 2020-2021 Academic Year with the deans and some professors of the different three-year and master’s level courses of the various faculties:

  • Economics - Three-year: Economics and Business Management; Master’s Degree: Business Management and Digital Technologies), Dean Prof. Marco De Marco

  • Engineering - Three-year: Civil and Environmental, Management, Computer Engineering; Master’s Degree: Civil, Management and Computer Engineering, Dean, Prof. Bernardino Chiaia

  • Psychology - Three-year: Psychosocial Disciplines; Master’s Degree: Cognitive Processes and Technologies, Dean, Prof. Sebastiano Bagnara

  • Law - Three-year: Corporate, Work Law and New Technologies, Dean, Prof. Arturo Maresca

  • Communication Sciences -  Three-year: Communication Sciences, Dean, Prof. Dario Edoardo Viganò

  • Cultural Heritage - Three-year: Conservation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage, Dean, Prof. Giovanni Puglisi.

The moderator of the Open Day will be Federico Fabretti, lecturer of the Degree Course in Communication Sciences, “Digital and Corporate Communication”,  and Media Relations Partner in Comin & Partners. Introducing the event, there will be the Rector, Prof. Maria Amata Garito. On the occasion of the Open Day, the students will be able to book a session of guidance and introduction to the study model and educational offer of the new Academic Year. 

UNINETTUNO has anetworked structure, based on 114 technological poles, spread all over the world and 200 exams centers. There are over 1,000 professors and researchers who every day produce and post continuously updated educational contents in the learning environments, with over 10 million pages of multimedia contents, produced in various languages, accessible from the University’s media library, 60 thousand hours of video lessons realized by the best professors of the various Italian and foreign universities, available in the University’ Didactic Cyberspace.

The educational offer is particularly innovative and designed with the aim of meeting the needs of the new labor markets and aims at fostering mindsets capable of dealing with the new skills both in terms of contents as well as in the use of the new technologies, required by the globalized and interconnected digital society.  “Law in the Digital Society”, “Business Management and Digital Technologies”, "Big Data”, "Cybersecurity", "Industry 4.0",  “Public Institutions and Digital Media”, “Corporate Digital Communication”, “Neurosciences” and “Cyber-psychology”: are only a few of the three-year and master’s level degree programs of UNINETTUNO, to which we have to add new Research Doctorates in Engineering of Technological Innovation and the Research Doctorate in Mind and Technologies in the Digital Society of the Psychology Faculty.

What distinguishes UNINETTUNO from the other online universities is its psycho-pedagogic model, outcome of 25 years of research work that allowed to create its platform and learning environments, available in the “Didactic Cyberspace”, where the student is at the center of the educational process. 

On, the students, with no space and time limits, can go to the University. Anywhere across the world, they can choose whether to study in Italian, Arabic, English, French and Greek and earn a study title, recognized in Italy, in Europe and in various Countries of the world.

In the “Didactic Cyberspace” it is possible to access various learning environments, get video lessons digitized by subjects, linked in multimedia, hypertextual and interactive way to books, texts, selected bibliographies, lists of websites, exercises and virtual laboratories. 

The professors/tutors interact with their students through Forums and Interactive Classrooms, even on Second Life and follow their learning processes, interconnect minds and exchange knowledge at a global level. On the satellite channel, (channel 812 by SKY and 701 of the Tivusat platform) and on the Web TV it is possible to follow the video lessons 24 hours a day.

“With UNINETTUNO digital university, we created a technological network that is supported by a network of people, minds capable of connecting and sharing their knowledge and that, jointly, developed a virtual space for spreading knowledge at global level”, the Rector, Prof. Maria Amata Garito, states.

UNINETTUNO is an international academic that is growing also by virtue of the 300 agreements concluded with many universities across the world and of the many exchanges of students and teachers, thanks to the European Erasmus program.  

"Education, Research and Innovation, Internationalization, Inclusion and Passion: these are the five principles that have always been inspiring those who work to make the model of the UNINETTUNO University grow; jointly we created a laboratory for cross-cultural and cross-language cooperation that has truly democratized the access to knowledge”, the Rector concludes.