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Signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Azerbaijan Technical University


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The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO signs a memorandum of understanding with the Azerbaijan Technical University (, one of the most ancient public universities in the Country to launch the development of e-learning in the Azeri Country.
Invited by the local Parliament, a delegation of UNINETTUNO flew to Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, to present its teaching and organizational model.

An important opportunity which was followed by the signature of a Memorandum envisaging:


  • Academic exchange through the Erasmus+ Program to enhance the partnership
  • Establishment of a UNINETTUNO Technological Pole in Baku
  • Training of teachers and of the academic staff in general on e-learning approaches, distance learning methodology and content production
  • Cooperation among the two Universities in specific sectors to develop joint study programs

Consequently, thanks to this agreement UNINETTUNO expands: the new Technological Pole in Baku will serve as exam center as well as access point to the online platform for students who do not have a suitable connection to follow the courses delivered by UNINETTUNO’s platform. Additionally, the Pole will serve as center to train the Azeri teachers in the use of the new technologies and in the production of the videolessons.
UNINETTUNO is also partner in the Erasmus+ European project, entitled LPEB, carried on, among others, with the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan, which is aimed at launching a distance degree course in "Energy and environmental performance”, delivered fully online on UNINETTUNO’s learning platform. Thanks to this project, for the first time in Azerbaijan, they propose the development of university study course based on distance teaching.