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Media releases 2018

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12/13/2018 WE #withoutboundaries all together for a better world: a video collection telling about the success stories of refugees and second-generation immigrants in Italy Telling the stories of refugees and second-generation immigrants who put to good use their own talents in Italy and became successful men and women: this is how was born, from an idea of the Rector, Maria Amata Garito, the video collection entitled: “NOI #Senzaconfini insieme per un Mondo Migliore (WE #Withoutboundaries together for a Better World)”, realized by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO; it will be aired on the satellite TV channel, UNINETTUNO.UNIVERSITY.TV  and will be presented in a preview event, on December the 18th at 6 pm in UNINETTUNO’s premises in Rome. 
10/29/2018 Digital Talk: "Il diritto della blockchain e dell’intelligenza artificiale" Ripartono i Digital Talks di UNINETTUNO: si parlerà di blockchain, intelligenza artificiale e Internet of Things. Quali sono le norme in materia a ivello nazionale e internazionale? Che rapporto c'è con il nuovo regolamento europeo sulla privacy?A rispondere saranno Fulvio Sarzana di S. Ippolito e Massimiliano Nicotra, autori del libro "Diritto della blockchain, intelligenza artificiale e IoT".
6/7/2018 RE-FUTURE. Fostering the Integration of Unaccompanied Refugee minors

Nell’epoca della Migrazione 4.0, un progetto europeo a sostegno dei minori stranieri non accompagnati, sfrutta la forza trainante dell’innovazione tecnologica come strumento di integrazione culturale.

5/24/2018 Digital Talks: "The Challenges of Journalism 4.0" Which are the new challenges of journalism? How has this profession being changing in the latest years? Should press still be considered as the “fourth power”? This will be the main topic of the new rendezvous with UNINETTUNO’s Digital Talks.
4/24/2018 A new UNINETTUNO Technological Pole inaugurated in Todi From now on UNINETTUNO is present also in Umbria: a new Technological Pole, thanks to an agreement signed with the Istituto Tecnico Agrario “Ciuffelli”.
4/9/2018 UNINETTUNO Erasmus Week, 2018 Edition The international training week for the academic and administrative staff of UNINETTUNO’s Erasmus Partners is back again from the 9th to the 13th April. 
3/20/2018 Digital Talk: “Digital Innovation in the Public Administration” This will be the focus of a conference organized by prof. Fulvio Sarzana to take stock of the practical application of digital governance. 
2/20/2018 Digital Talk: "Privacy & GDPR at 94 days from the finish line" The rendezvous with UNINETTUNO’s Digital Talks comes back again: this time lecturers and experts in the field will speak about the new “General Data Protection Regulation”.
2/9/2018 Digital Talk: "2018 Elections: La Web Reputation of Political Leaders. Instructions for Use" UNINETTUNO’s Digital Talks at the start: on Friday, the 9th February, inauguration of a cycle of initiatives, designed and organized by UNINETTUNO to jointly reflect on the deep changes brought about by Digital Innovation to our society. 
2/6/2018 Agreement between UNINETTUNO and Saint Joseph University in Beirut Launching of the pilot project that the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO developed jointly with the Saint Joseph University (USJ) in Beirut.

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