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WE #withoutboundaries all together for a better world: a video collection telling about the success stories of refugees and second-generation immigrants in Italy


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Telling the stories of refugees and second-generation immigrants who put to good use their own talents in Italy and became successful men and women: this is how was born, from an idea of the Rector, Maria Amata Garito, the video collection entitled: “NOI #Senzaconfini insieme per un Mondo Migliore (WE #Withoutboundaries together for a Better World)”, realized by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO; it will be aired on the satellite TV channel, UNINETTUNO.UNIVERSITY.TV  and will be presented in a preview event, on December the 18th at 6 pm in UNINETTUNO’s premises in Rome.

The protagonists of the collection are refugees and second-generation immigrants living in Italy: Hicham Ben Mbarek, Takoua Ben Mohamed, Vode Devon Ebah, Amin Nour, Kassim Yassin Saleh, Zakaria Mohamed Ali, Mohamed Keita and Fasasi. Fashion designers and businessmen, cartoonists, musicians, actors, directors, reporters, photographers and sculptors who tell their own stories. Different stories, as the countries they are from (Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, Somalia, Mali and Gibuti) revealing their courage, their strength and their commitment to successfully  integrate into our society. Stories to which the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO decided to give voice through its satellite TV channel and social web networks. A choice which renews the University’s commitment to bring together different cultures, being aware of the fact that learning about others helps build a future of peace.

Actually, in 2016 UNINETTUNO realized the University for Refugees (, a multilingual portal (English, French, Italian, Arabic and Greek) allowing refugees, asylum seekers and immigrates to go to the university and study the language of their hosting country, with no limits of space and time. The portal allows for the acknowledgement of the study qualifications and professional skills acquired in the Countries of origin.

Some data:

12,680: refugees are attending the course “I Learn Italian” through UNINETTUNO’s APP, coming from 67 Countries across the world;

450: users who registered to the “University for Refugees” portal.

In addition, there are about 100 refugees in Italy and abroad who, thanks to the study grants offered by UNINETTUNO for free, are following their courses through a PC, a smartphone or a tablet with an Internet connection, even from the hosting centers or from the refugee camps outside Italy (Lebanon, Ruanda, Ghana, Turkey, Germany, Benin). Most of them (around 40%) are under 30 years old and  30% already hold a degree or a master’s title.

Thanks to the “University for Refugees” model, UNINETTUNO has already been awarded several international prizes: mention of honor at 2017 IELA (International E-Learning Award - Academic Division) Prize at Columbia University; it was recognized by UNESCO as one of the universities which works and addresses its actions towards the achievement of the 17 “Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)” of the United Nations; the US portal E-Learning Inside included it among the 5 Top Stories for 2017, at global level, in the field of e-learning. On January the 7th , the Rector, Maria Amata Garito, is invited by the UN to present the “University for Refugees” model in the headquarters of the United Nations in New York.


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