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UNINETTUNO at Columbia University to present its educational model and the "University for Refugees" portal

New York
14-16 06 2017

From the 14th to 16th June UNINETTUNO has flown to New York, invited by Columbia University, in the framework of the International Conference organized by the IELA (International E-Learning Association), to present its educational and organizational model, acknowledged at global level as a best practice in the field of e-learning and regarded as an example across the world.

In front of an international audience, the Rector, Prof. Maria Amata Garito – in her speech entitled: “A University for Refugees: Education without Boundaries” – focused on the role of the University in the globalized and interconnected contemporary society; on the educational model on which UNINETTUNO relies and, in particular, on the “University for Refugees” project: the first online portal of the world – available in English, French, Italian and Arabic – realized to promote the integration of immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers by facilitating their access to education and the recognition of their professional skills.

It was also a unique opportunity to highlight the importance and the innovation character of a project that applies UNINETTUNO’s online teaching and learning model to support dialogue, the peaceful coexistence of peoples and international cooperation among the universities.

It received a very positive feedback: the portal created by UNINETTUNO obtained a unanimous support from the whole international audience that showed its interest in supporting the project in every respect.

Read theRector’s speech


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