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Research Activities – Communication Sciences Faculty

The research work carried out by the professors and researchers of the Communication Sciences Faculty has been mainly conducted in accordance with: 1) individual research programs, 2) research projects based on a stronger cohesion and interdisciplinary dialogue among the Faculty professors and researchers and between these ones and their colleagues of the University, 3) research strands and projects based on cooperation between the University’s teachers and researchers and researchers of other Italian universities. Further efforts are being made aimed at contributing to research work funded on a national and European basis.
Therefore, the following initiatives in three different, but complementary, directions, were launched:

  1. Systematic monitoring of the national and European research call, with specific reference to the Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 programs;
  2. Participation in inter-faculty research programs within the University (in particular: participation in the program "Innovazione e valorizzazione museale attraverso nuove tecnologie digitali (Museum innovation and enhancement through the new digital technologies)" included in the Call for Program 203 of Latium Region);
  3. Launch of interdisciplinary research programs among the Faculty’s professors and researchers aimed at developing synergies made possible by the affinity of their research interests (for instance, new narrative forms between literature and audiovisual products; media events between politics and semeiotics; representation of food between the history of cinema and television and a comparison and socio-semeiotics; etc.)
  4. Strengthening of the collaboration with other universities and Italian research centers aimed at consolidating the already started exchange of scientific and educational experiences and of a confrontation among the various expertise of their respective researchers and professors.

As regards point 4, a number of collaborations are under way including the following ones:

  • Involvement of the Faculty’s researchers in research project on “performance” between cognitive psychology, semiotics and audiovisual studies in collaboration with the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan and the Libera Università di Lingue e Scienze della Comunicazione (IULM);
  • Cooperation relationship with the Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione of CNR (National Council of Research) of Rome and with the Languages Faculty of the University of Salerno (Project: “Le radici del significato”); to this, we have to add also the cooperation with the Archivio Storico of the Istituto Luce (“Analisi semiotica delle ideologie”) and a possible collaboration with the Istituto Luigi Sturzo is being considered. This strand is related to a cooperation project with the Media Library of the Archivio Luce including dissertations, articles and volumes. The research works will be part of the study cycle promoted by the Memory of the World Register of which the Archivio Storico of Istituto Luce is member


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