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Research Activity – Law Faculty

The research activity conducted by the professors and researchers of the Law Faculty has been so far focused on individual research programs, in accordance with the disciplinary tradition of juridical research in Italy.

In this perspective, the level of the research activities being conducted, also taking into account the latest strengthening of the teaching staff, appears satisfactory (as proved by the consistent list of publications, available in the not at the end of the present Report).

Also as regards access to public funds, the current situation is satisfactory, given the size of the Faculty, since a FIRB project, dealing with international law and supervised by a University researcher, was funded (see infra detailed information).

Consequently, starting from the current academic year, we should specifically engage in enhancing the research outcomes, also considering the assessments made by ANVUR.

To this end some initiatives going into three different, but complementary, direction have been undertaken:

  1. Participation in inter-faculty research programs within our University (in particular: participation in the program "Innovazione e valorizzazione museale attraverso nuove tecnologie digitali (Museum innovation and enhancement through the new digital technologies)", participating in the Call for Program 203 of the Latium Region);
  2. Launch of initiatives for interdisciplinary research programs among professors and researchers of similar disciplinary sectors, within the Faculty, aimed at developing synergies promoted by their affinities as regards research interests (i.e. as it regards intellectual property between the IUS01 and IUS04 sectors);
  3. Strengthening of the cooperation with other Universities in order to realize exchanges of experiences and researchers and enrich the cultural contents of the research work conducted by the University.

Having done this preliminary remarks, the report on research activities is structured below by a separate illustration of the research results obtained in each one of the different scientific-disciplinary sectors of Are 12 (Law).


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