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Today the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO presents the new master-level course in “Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology”



Deepening the psychological problems that the use of technology implies on childhood and adolescence, providing students with an updated and in-depth training on the theoretical, clinical and methodological aspects of the psychology of evolutionary age. These are the main objectives of "Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology", the first course of its kind in Italy, organized this year by the UNINETTUNO University by conceptually updating the topics already dealt with in several university courses and reinventing them in an organic way in the light of the consequences of Covid-19 on minors.

The new course will be presented by the Telematic University today, at 6 p.m., in live streaming on its portal  and on its Facebook page on Facebook . The event, moderated by Psychology Faculty’s Prof. Massimo Ammaniti, well-known psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and introduced by the greetings of Prof. Maria Amata Garito, Rector of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, and by Prof. Diego Centonze, Dean of the Psychology Faculty, will be attended by the professors of the Psychology Faculty, Prof. Olga Capirci, Prof. Luca Cerniglia and Prof. Tommaso Scandale.

In addition to Prof. Ammaniti, professors of the new degree course will include, among others, Prof. Pier Francesco Ferrari and Marco Pagani, professors of the "Neurobiology of Development" course, and Prof. Grazia Attili, professor of the "Psychology of Social and Family Relations" course.