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Cinema, University and new technologies for the transmission of knowledge: the UNINETTUNO International Telematic University presents the results of the FIEST project in Rome, November 13, 2019 during the Mediterranean Film Festival (MedFilm Festival)

Following the success of the European project FIEST - Formation Internationale á l’Ecriture de Series Tv, the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO together with the COPEAM (Permanent Conference of the Audiovisual of the Mediterranean) presents to the public the prognosis of the film "Forming the new Mediterranean audiovisual talents: the added value of International Cooperation ", which will take place on Wednesday 13 November in Rome, at 11:00 am at the Macro Asilo (see Nizza 138), during the 25th edition of the MedFilm Festival.
An international event to present the state of the art and encourage young examples of directors and authors from Mediterranean countries to create and produce Television Series.
The project partner will take part in the event in Rome: School of Cinema’s of Brussels (INSAS), Toulouse (ENSAV), Beirut (ALBA), Tunis (ESAC), Marrakech (ESAV) and France Televisions, the French national broadcaster who judged the final work of the students for a possible distribution of the works presented.
Link to the FIEST video promo:
Link to the FIEST wesite