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The Cooperation Agreement between UNINETTUNO and the Center for American Studies (CSA) was born

On the 10th October UNINETTUNO’s Rector, Maria Amata Garito, and the President of the Center for American Studies (CSA), Dr. Giovanni De Gennaro, undersigned their first cooperation agreement: UNINETTUNO’s students and lecturers will be able to freely use the historical facilities of the Center of Studies, carry on teaching and research activities complementing the university’s ones, deepen and specialize their studies by means of internships, seminars, study courses and master’s courses.
More specifically, the CSA gives the University’s students, lecturers and doctorate students the opportunity of freely accessing its library where they will be able to consult a huge stock of books, journals and databases; those who do not live in Rome and in Italy will be able to consult its online catalogue on the following website: www.centrostudiamericani.org.
The two best students, selected because of their engagement and achievements, will have the opportunity, assured by UNINETTUNO, to spend internship periods at the CSA, which may be converted into educational credits, choosing among: library science and bibliography; management of cultural institutes; use of computer-based and documentation techniques. 
Thanks to this agreement, a small and selected group of UNINETTUNO’s students will be able to be admitted to the seminars that will be organized at the CSA with the possibility of getting a scholarship in the form of a grant.


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