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Immigration, Roberto Saviano’s exclusive account for


Starting from July the 27th, on the digital satellite TV channel,, UNINETTUNO will air the exclusive most touching passages of the reading of an unpublished work by Roberto Saviano, entitled, "Chi è neutrale è complice (Who is neutral is an accomplice)", drawn from the XVIII edition of the International Festival of Literatures. The rendezvous for the first broadcasting is on the 27th, at 9:00 pm, on UNINETTUNO, (watchable free on the channel 812 of Sky and 701 of the Tivùsat platform of RAI), and re-aired at different times until the end of the month. The writer tells the truth and drama of migration and of wars using the power of his words, illustrating some photographs that show the primary victims of these atrocities. If violence and indifference paralyze humanity, the only “weapon” that remains is that of witnessing. “In order to change our perspective on reality”.