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The Moon Marathon


It was the evening of 20th July 1969, at 8:17 pm UTC, when the American astronauts, Neil Amstrong, Buzz Aldrin, protagonists of the legendary NASA’s Apollo 11 mission, for the first time, walked on the Moon’s surface. In order to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of this important step in scientific and human progress, our University realized a special programming on our satellite TV channel, UNINETTUNOUNIVERSITY.TV, by collecting video excerpts, exclusive interviews, poems, art and music pieces addressed to the Moon. From an exclusive interview to Tito Stagno, the RAI reporter of the evening of this achievement, to contributions given  by actors, poets, philosophers, artists, musicians.
It is possible to follow this new and exciting “mission”, that will named as “The Moon Marathon”, tuning in to UNINETTUNOUNIVERSITY.TV (watchable for free on channel 812 of Sky and 701 of the Tivùsat platform of RAI) on Saturday the 20th July or follow the event on live streaming on our website: www.uninettunouniversity.net.
It is also possible to consult the programs schedule of the whole day on the link https://bit.ly/2SlU3hz.All this hoping to make an endless journey into culture, science and research in the company of UNINETTUNO.  



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