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"The formation of international distance education"


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Distance education : yesterday, today and tomorrow... The evolution of distance education at our University has the features similar to those that have marked the history of this model in the world. The response to social issues, speed, innovation, integration of available technology, surpassing the curriculum areas and times, are some factors that reveal the presence of a different way of teaching and learning.

In accordance with its guiding principles, and being aware of the rapid progress of science and the new technologies of information and communication, the distance education System of UCASAL will continue to search for new ways of creation, acquisition and transmission of knowledge, renewing their educational offerings and the pedagogical model.

These updates will take advantage of benefits and potential of ICT, ensuring at the same time the academic quality in a spirit of openness and social equity.
The Rector of the International University UNINETTUNO, Professor Maria Amata GARITO, was involved in the Video Conference.