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Signature of a VIRTUAL MOBILITY Agreement between the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO and UNED - Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia

In live streaming on UNINETTUNO Portal and on UNINETTUNO Facebook Page

On Friday 1st October, at 12:00 am, in live streaming on the UNINETTUNO portal and Facebook page, the Rector of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO Prof. Maria Amata Garito and the Rector of UNED - Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia, Prof. Ricardo Mairal Uson sign a VIRTUAL MOBILITY agreement.

This is the first virtual mobility program independently and directly managed by two distance universities.

The students of both universities will be able to integrate their study path by choosing among a selected list of courses delivered in e-learning mode on the UNED and UNINETTUNO platforms. The available courses come from the Faculties of Sociology and Political Science and Administration of UNED, and from the Faculties of Economics, Law and Communication Sciences of UNINETTUNO.

Thanks to the international virtual mobility program, the students of both universities will be able to complete a study experience with a foreign university in full flexibility and without moving from their own country, and, at the same time, have the recognition of their ECTS credits for the achievement of their degree.

List of the modules comprised in the Virtual Mobility Agreement



Sociology of Labor Economic Processes

Comparative Public Policies In Europe

Institutions of Economic Policy

Análisis De Políticas Públicas

Public Economics

Violencia Política

Industrial Organization

Sistema Político Español I

Globalization Economics and Policies 

Sistema Político Español II

Sociology of Political Events

International Migration Policies 

Lobbying Processes and Public Affairs

Sistemas Políticos Contemporáneos

Digital & Open Government

Gestión Pública

Italian Juridical and Economic History

Movimientos Sociales Y Acción Política

Law and the New Technologies

Población I: Teoría De La Población

European Union Law

Sociología Política

International Law of the Digital Society

Sociología Urbana

Sociología De La Educación

Sociología Del Trabajo

Comparing European Societies 

Sociología Del Género

Sistema Político Español

Población II: Análisis Demográfico