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UNINETTUNO Digital Talk for the presentation of the book “L’Arte dell’Agenda"

In live streaming on UNINETTUNO Portal and on UNINETTUNO Facebook Page

On Thursday, March the 11th, at 5:00 pm the Digital Talk devoted to a new initiative of UNINETTUNO takes place online: the presentation of the books of our current and former students.

The first one to be presented is: “L’Arte dell’Agenda - organizza il tuo tempo senza perdere tempo (The Art of the Agenda – organize your time without wasting time)” by Claudia Elisabetta Muccinelli.

After an introduction by UNINETTUNO Rector, Prof. Maria Amata Garito, and being moderated by Prof. Ileana Di Pomponio, UNINETTUNO professor, there will be: the author of the book, Dr. 

Claudia Elisabetta Muccinelli – psychologist, a trainee Adlerian psychotherapist, holding a three-year Degree in Literatures, path in Modern Languages, and the counterpart in the book, Dr. Roberto Rosso - Time Designer, holding a master’s degree in Philosophy and Psychology. 

Starting from the techniques for drafting a daily agenda, this book has been shaped in the form of an interview and proposes reflections, cues and strategies for organizing one’s own time and resources at best: 

“The Art of the Agenda can be a valuable aid to make us rediscover the pleasant feeling of become again the masters of our own time.”

The event will be streamed live on the website: and on the University’s page on Facebook.