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UNINETTUNO Digital Talk ”Mathematical Tools to protect the Environment, Territory and Cultural Heritage” - FIMA Day

In live streaming on UNINETTUNO Portal and on UNINETTUNO Facebook Page

GIORNATA DELLA FIMA 11 dicembre 2020 Digital TalkOn Friday, December the 11th the UNINETTUNO Digital Talk on “Mathematical Tools to Protect the Environment, Territory and Cultural Heritage” will be held online on the occasion of the FIMA – Italian Federation of Applied Mathematics – Day, including mathematical societies such as: AICA, AILA, AIMETA, AIRO, AMASES, e SIMAI.

At 10 o’clock Prof. Renato Spliger, resigning President of FIMA, will introduce and open the works; he will be followed by a welcome speech by UNINETTUNO Rector, Prof. Maria Amata Garito and by the President of FIMA, Prof. Dario Pacciarelli.

The event, organized by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO in cooperation with the University of Roma Tre, will see the participation of: 

Prof. Roberto Natalini, SIMAI

Prof. Angelo Antoci, AMASES

Prof. Antonio Sforza, AIRO

Prof. Giuseppe Floridia, AIMETA

Prof. Bruno Buonomo and Prof. Virginio Cantoni, AICA

The Federation has the following objectives:

  • Pooling, promoting and encourage scientific, technical and applicative exchange in the field of Applied Mathematics;
  • Favoring information exchange and relations among various boards dealing with Applied Mathematics, promoting the conclusion of agreements with these boards and participation in international organizations; 
  • Promoting congresses, seminar and workshops;
  • Favoring scientific research and establishing research teams;
  • Encouraging and stimulating the spreading and teaching of Applied Mathematics;
  • Promoting specific publications having a scientific and popularization of this subject. 

Organizing Committee:

Clemente Cesarano (UNINETTUNO Mathematics Section), Dario Pacciarelli, Renato Spigler.

Scientific Committee:

Sandra Carillo, Antonio Di Nola, Luca Formaggia, Stefano Lenci, Giuseppe Mastronardi, Dario Pacciarelli, Renato Spigler, Daniele Vigo, Bruno Viscolani.

Download the full programme and follow the live streaming on the website  and on the University Page on Facebook .