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Conference on "After the Foreign Ministry and the victims of Petya Ransomware, Who’s next?”

Rome –Multimedia Hall - Piazza Grazioli, 17


Computer systems vulnerability, computer frauds, cyber security and violation of sensitive data: these and other ones are the issues that will be treated at the "After the Foreign Ministry and the victims of Petya Ransomware, Who’s next?” Conference, taking place on the July the 14th, at 10 am, at UNINETTUNO Multimedia Hall.

The Conference will offer an interesting opportunity for exchanging views and reflection for those who manage data and computer systems, an occasion for those who wish to take stock of the situation before making a wrong decision and a chance to learn more about what happened and may happen again.

There will be direct exchange of views with experts of this sector and specialists of the field.

Among the speakers: the Rector, Maria Amata Garito, Gen. Dr. Umberto Rapetto, the magistrate, Giuseppe Corasaniti, the lawyers Fulvio Sarzana di Sant'IppolitoFrancesco Stallone and Filippo Cocco, Colon. Vincenzo Merola and Dr. Roberto Di Nunzio. You can follow the event on live streaming from UNINETTUNO website.


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