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Board of Section

All the Uninettuno professors belonging to the scientific-disciplinary sectors of the mathematical sciences area are members of the Section. The members of the Section may also be those who carry out teaching or research activities at the University in the area of mathematical sciences and temporary members (associates) who carry out research, teaching or innovation activities for limited periods at Uninettuno on the basis of national or international projects or agreements.

The Council is composed of all the members of the Section and is the collegial governing body of the Section. The Coordinator and the Council are organs of the Section.


Clemente Cesarano - Associate professor MAT/08 (coordinator)
Maria Francesca Carfora - Researcher at CNR on MAT/08
Domenico Finco - Researcher on MAT/05
Luciano Modica -  Full professor on MAT/05
Raffaele Persico - Researcher at CNR on MAT/06
Paolo Emilio Ricci - Full professor on MAT/08
Renato Spigler - Full professor on MAT/08

Associate members

Praveen Agarwal - Anand International Institute of Technology and International Centre of Pure and Applied Sciences, Jaipur, India
Mohsen Alimohammady - University of Mazandaran, Iran
Nenad Cakic - University of Belgrade, Serbia
Carlo Cattani - Università della Tuscia - Viterbo, Italia
Salvador Jimenez - Polytechnic University Madrid, Spain
Luis Vazquez - University Complutense Madrid, Spain


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