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Italy and China for training experts in Chinese Business Law and Europeans Policies. Go-ahead to the Agreement between the UTIU – International Telematic University UNINETTUNO and the OUHK – The Open University of Hong Kong


On Monday, the 3rd May 2010, in Rome, at 3:00 pm, in the premises of the UTIU, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II n.39, there will be the signature of an agreement between the UTIU – International Telematic University UNINETTUNO and the OUHK – The Open University of Hong Kong.

The agreement between the two distance-telematic universities will be signed by the Rector of the UTIU, Prof. Maria Amata Garito and the President of the OUHK, Prof. Chi Yan John Leong, is the first step of a partnership path that will lead to the inclusion of the Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law, produced and realised by the OUHK, into the UTIU educational offer, and of the Master’s course in European Law and Policies, produced and realised by the UTIU, into OUHK educational offer.

Both Masters, realised to be followed by means of the new technologies, Internet and TV, are aimed at students and professionals worldwide who are willing to specialise in Chinese Business Law and in European Law and Policies.

Both Masters will be delivered on the satellite digital channel, RAI NETTUNO SAT, through the OUHK didactic platform and through the UTIU one, the only e-learning platform in the world aimed at teaching and learning in four languages: Arabic, French, English and Italian. The agreement is part of the OUHK development plans in Europe and in the Mediterranean Area and it proves UTIU successful results achieved also abroad where the Italian Distance University manages a network of Mediterranean universities that today includes 31 partners in 11 Countries with over 11,000 students, including those of UTIU and of Consorzio NETTUNO, coming from 34 different countries.

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