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On Friday, August the 24th, the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO will sign an important academic agreement in Tunis Joint university degrees between Italy and Tunisia According to Rector Garito: “A cultural operation that allows for democratising knowledge and that paves the way to dialogue among the new generations of Europe and of the Arab World“


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Studying in one’s own country and getting a study title recognised in Europe and in Italy and in Tunisia: a dream that comes true for many students thanks to an agreement that will be signed on August the 24th in Tunis by the Rector of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Maria Amata Garito and by the Rector of Tunis Virtual University, Houcine Chebli. The ceremony will take place at the Tunisian Ministry of the University, of Scientific Research and Technology and will be chaired by the Minister, Mr. Lazhar Bououni, who, last February, paid a visit to the Rome site of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO and after analysing the distance teaching model, expressed his interest in making some Tunisian universities collaborate with UNINETTUNO also with the purpose of concretising his plan that is to make 20% of the Tunisian university course be delivered according to the distance mode by 2009. UNINETTUNO didactic method in which the professors of many universities and several countries cooperate to create joint study paths in such a way as to promote the exchange of knowledge among different cultures in mutual respect, turned out to be the most useful tool to achieve this ambitious goal. Actually, according to the Tunisian Minister, thanks to UNINETTUNO University, Italy has done a pioneering work in the field of distance education confirming its consolidated cultural openness towards the Mediterranean Countries. The Tunisian Universities will share with UNINETTUNO curricula, study programmes, professors and teaching methods that will make it possible the mutual acknowledgment of university degree titles. The students will be able to complete their studies getting a degree title acknowledged in Europe and in Tunisia as well that will pave the way towards a global market of labour.After Egypt, where thanks to an agreement with Helwan University, the International Telamatic University UNINETTUNO has already enrolled a hundred of students in Computer Engineering, also the students of a very important country, as Tunisia, will be able to enrol students starting from next September. The objective to which we are devoted in the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO – stated the Rector Maria Amata Garito – is to create a single great university in which the best teachers of European and Arab universities teach in four languages thanks to the Internet and satellite television. We try to bring knowledge and education to everyone’s home, With the International Telematic Television UNINETTUNO we wish to make universities get an international dimension, share human and technological resources among European and Arab World countries using cooperation methodologies and strategies to meet the needs for education of the new markets of labour, concluded Rector Garito.On the satellite channel Rai Nettuno Sat 1 and on the Internet site , the first portal in the world where teaching is carried out in 4 languages: Italian, English, French and Arabic; the Tunisian students will be able to attend lessons in their faculty in the language the prefer and study the courses delivered by both European and Arab professors. Thanks to the interactive didactic tools available on the website, video chat and forums, the students will be able to dialogue with their professors and their Italian, European and Arab colleagues and start up collaborative learning processes that are enriched by the different cultural experiences. Tunisia is one of the 11 partner countries of the Med Net’U Project, coordinated by Consorzio NETTUNO, in which professors of 31 Mediterranean Universities realised the contents of the Distance University and vocational training courses.
With the Catania Declaration of the 29th January 2006, of which the Minister Bououni is one of the signatories with other 14 Ministries of University of the Euromediterranean countries it was agreed to strengthen a distance learning system, by expanding the results attained through the “Med Net’U (Mediterranean Network of Universities) Project, in order to encourage the widest possible access to education. “With the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, concluded Maria Amata Garito, “the universities of different countries are currently creating together common networks of knowledge. To the physical mobility of professors and students, thanks to the new technologies, it is added that one of ideas; frontiers are overcome; culture and knowledge get an international dimension. Universities move under open skies, without frontiers; they determine new balances between unity and diversity, the unity of values and of the traditions that memory leaves us and the diversity of cultures and languages, they create new knowledge, but also new values”.
The improvement is evident: no longer from the lecture hall to the desk at home, but from one’s pc to the best universities of Europe and of the Mediterranean Area.