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From the former President of the European Commission, Mr. Prodi, to the Vice-President, Mr. Frattini to Prof. Mario Monti: the EU illustrated in three languages thanks to UNINETTUNO videolessons Launch of the OPEN SKY EUROPE Project: on RAI NETTUNO SAT the lectures of the protagonists who built Europe Passing an international quiz, the university students of the MEDA area countries will have free access to the “Distance Master Course in European Culture”


The OPEN SKY EUROPE Project, realised by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO and funded by the European Commission in the framework of the EuroMed Regional Communication Programme, aimed at arising consciousness and at educating the youths of the MEDA area countries on the issues of the European Union, is starting up. By means of a master course on the European Culture, the project aims at supplying information on subjects related to the Union and to its economic, social and cultural relations with the countries of the MEDA area.

The initiative, realised in cooperation with the Representation of the European Commission in Jordan, intends to enhance the knowledge of the complex historical, political and institutional setting of Europe by means of videolessons realised by the protagonists of the Union that will be broadcast in three languages: (Arabic, French and English) in all MEDA countries. Starting from Monday, the 8th January, these videolessons will be aired on RAI NETTUNO SAT 1 and RAI NETTUNO SAT 2 satellite channels and on the website: www.uninettunosrl.net/openskyeurope.
Before the “Master Course in European Culture” initial phase, the OPEN SKY EUROPE Project envisages also a quiz-based contest among the MEDA countries universities.
The best students will be rewarded with the free attendance to the Master Course and a three-day trip to Brussels, where they will be able to visit the European Union institutional seats. The selection will be structured on questions related to the European Union’s themes, prepared by the Scientific Management Committee on the basis of the broadcast videolessons.

Among the treated issues, the questions linked to the European integration process and to the future of the European Union, the introduction of the euro, the referendums, the characteristics of each member state.

Rocco Cangelosi, Beniamino Caravita di Toritto, Pier Virgilio Dastoli, Franco Frattini, Mario Monti, Filippo Maria Pandolfi, Romano Prodi, Roberto Santaniello are only some of the first-level political personalities and representatives of the academic and diplomatic world that will tell about the European Union and give their personal evidence.
Since the Project’s ultimate goal is to bring Europe closer to the MEDA countries and territories from the academic level, the idea of a Master Course in European Culture was born and was developed to face some of the challenges emerging from an uncertain frame of reference. The OPEN SKY EUROPE Master Course is focused on the process of construction of a unified, but also diversified real European identity based on Europe’s itself constituent differences. Therefore, it is to be wished a deeper knowledge of the European Union by the citizens of the countries of the Euromediterranean area, being aware of the fact that today the European Union represents an actual political actor and that the current acceleration of the integration process is linked to the need for the European countries to face new international political, social and economic challenges.

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