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Journalism, “Rules of the Game” and New Tools. The New DIGITAL TALK by UNINETTUNO on air on June the 15th starting from 5 p.m. on the Faculty’s social networks


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The world of communication and, in particular, of journalism have undergone deep changes that have increased the demand for professionals able to manage increasingly multifaceted and complex topics with an integrated approach, thanks also to the use of social networks. 

Tomorrow 15 June, starting from 5.00 p.m. on UNINETTUNO's Facebook page and live on the portal, Dario E. Viganò - Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences - will moderate the DIGITAL TALK for the presentation of the Master's Degree Course in Global Journalism with the participation of Philip Willan - correspondent of the English newspaper “The Times” and currently Vice-President of the Association of the Foreign Press; Valentina Alazraki – Expert of Vatican Affairs of TV Mexico; Maurizio Caprara - columnist of the “Corriere della Sera” and Maarten van Aalderen - Director of the Master's Degree Course and former President of the Association of the Foreign Press.

It will be an opportunity to study in depth not only the topics dealt with in the Master's course which is aimed in particular at young people holding a three-year degree or master's degree, publicists who want to specialize in global communication, business communication operators or press officers and, in general, those who want to develop skills linked to communication on the Web but also to "explore" the boundaries of this profession.

"A new edition which - as Dario Edoardo Viganò said beforehand - joins the new theories of journalism in the digital context with the professionalism of journalists in the field coming not only from the most important Italian newspapers but also from foreign experiences. An opportunity to get closer to the profession but also a useful update in a context of radical change in the production and distribution chains of information".

"A useful occasion for journalists to understand - as Maarten Van Aalderen concluded - how important it is to understand which rules must continue to be respected in a world dominated by social media. Especially now it is important that journalism does not get overwhelmed by the multitude of messages, but continues to stand out for its credibility."


The director of the master's course is Maarten van Aalderen - (former) President of the Association of the Foreign Press in Italy - and he will be accompanied by great names in Italian and international journalism such as Marco Damilano (director of the “Espresso”), Luigi Contu (director of ANSA), Alessio Balbi (head of the website of “La Repubblica”), Marco Travaglio (director of “Il Fatto Quotidiano”), Maurizio Caprara (“Corriere della Sera”), Furio Colombo, Antonio Di Bella (Rai News) and experts of Vatican affairs such as Marco Politi and Valentina Alazraki, professors such as Gianpiero Gamaleri and Chiara Berti, foreign correspondents such as ITAR-TASS agency correspondent for Italy Vera Schebarkova.

The UNINETTUNO didactic model is used for the realization of the Master’s Course in Global Journalism. Teaching is carried out through Internet, in a special didactic space called Cyberspace on the portal In the Cyberspace all the videolessons are digitized and indexed with bookmarks that allow the hypertextual and multimedia connection with texts, exercises, selected bibliographies and selected webographies. The enrolled students are followed in their learning path by tutor-teachers through interactive tools such as forums and interactive classes.

The subjects of the course will be: Dynamics of social interaction on the Web, Communication and Media, The Vatican and Information, Journalism Today: Languages and Tools, Global Journalism: United States, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Holland, Asia and Mediterranean countries and Legal Aspects of Journalism. 

The Master offers several career prospects: retraining of journalists, press offices, business communication, media economics, public relations, event management, campaign planning at national and international level, image promotion in community committees.


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