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Education/Coronavirus: The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO offers its e-Learning platform for free to the Italian Universities


Maria Amata Garito (Rector of UNINETTUNO): “It is essential to address the emergency period we are now experiencing by making available to all schools of all orders and levels and to all universities our e-learning platform, in the interest of the continuation of the teaching-learning processes. It is not a simple distance lesson, but a psycho-pedagogic model capable of assuring quality and effectiveness to the teacher-learner relationship.”

Rome, the 27th February 2020 - “In an emergency situation as the one we are now experiencing because of the coronavirus it is essential to enable all schools of all orders and levels and the Italian universities to go on in delivering their teaching and learning activities by using the new technologies thanks to which today it is possible to study and work with no limits of space and time. This is the reason why, and with some sense of responsibility, we decided to make available, for free, to all Italian schools of all orders and levels and to all the Italian universities our e-Learning platform.”

This is a statement made by Maria Amata Garito, Rector of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, established with a decree of the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) for the delivery of academic titles legally recognized in Italy, in Europe and in many European Countries. The UNINETTUNO University was born from Consorzio NETTUNO, a consortium including 41 Italian and foreign public universities that already in 1992 realized the first distance university in Italy. UNINETTUNO’s e-Learning platform, born from the results of a number of research projects, was prized as the best e-Learning model of the world and received many international awards, including the E-xcellence quality label.

In the Internet-based learning environments more than 8,000 lecturers of various Italian and foreign public universities realized video lessons and the relative educational contents included into 30 degree courses. In addition, the platform includes a learning environment, named “interactive classroom” where it is possible to realize real-time interactive teaching activities between teachers and thirty students each time through audio-video connections. Thanks to interactive classrooms, every day, the teachers and students of the schools of all orders and levels can continue their educational activities without leaving their home. In addition, the television network, Uninettunouniversity.tv, broadcast on channel 812 of Sky and 701 of Tivùsat, airs academic lessons 24 hours a day. Due to the emergency situation, besides being available to give free access to all schools of all orders and levels and to all traditional universities that, at present, are forced to suspend their teaching activities because of the coronavirus, we are also available to train teachers for a correct use of these technologies for teaching purposes. Of course, all this will be freely available only to get over this emergency period.



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