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Youths versus experts to speak about “Virtual communities and real communities” in the latest Uninettuno Digital Talk


What is the relationship between youths and the Web? Flavia, Celeste and Giulia, three very young students aged 19, 15 and 12, invited by UNINETTUNO to debate, for the first time, with experts and accademicians, during the new Digital Talk entitled "Virtual Communities and Real Communities", that will be held in Rome, on Wednesday March the 20th, at 5 pm in the University’s Multimedia Hall (Piazza Grazioli, 17).
They will also discuss about the proposal to turn off smartphones while in family, after dinner, in order to restore a relationship between adults and youths preventing social networks and new technologies from acting as mediators.If young people are the main actors of Web-based communication, which are the risks they run and how can they be prevented? This is the main question that they will try to answer by discussing with the speakers: Maria Amata Garito, Rector of UNINETTUNO; Gianpiero Gamaleri, Full Professor of “Sociology of Cultural and Communication Processes” at UNINETTUNO; Dario Viganò, Councilor of the Communication Department at the Holy See; Marco Cervellini, inspector of the Postal and Communications Police and Alfonso Benevento, director in charge of "ETUTORWEB.it".
The 20th March Digital Talk takes origin from Pope Francis’ message for the latest World Social Communications Day which includes a reflection on Web-based communities and on the human community. A message that struck the catholic world as well as the secular world due to its great topicality, since it reflects on the deeply debated relationship between the real and the virtual, which is very felt mainly among the younger generations.
The Digital Talks’ format, conceived by UNINETTUNO’s Rector, prof. Maria Amata Garito, allows the audience to participate also at distance, from any place across the world: actually, the event is streamed live on the University’s FB page (https://www.facebook.com/uninettuno/) and is in live streaming on UNINETTUNO’s portal (https://www.uninettunouniversity.net/it/live-streaming.aspx). It is also possible to watch all the Digital Talks again in an especially devoted page: https://www.uninettunouniversity.net/it/digital-talks.aspx
Thanks to the contribution of experts, professionals, academicians and representatives of the institutions, the Digital Talks aim at reflecting about the changes that Digital Innovation is bringing about in our society and in the people’s daily life. The changes imposed by the digital revolution and taking place in our society, have always been the main focus of UNINETTUNO which, actually, innovated its educational offer being aware of the fact that supplying young people with skills in the field of innnovation, facilitates them in accessing the labour market and in building a successful future. 


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