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Start off of the Master’s Course in “Health Management” thanks to an agreement with the Global University of Science of Galkayo


Distance education without boundaries reaches a new target: on Tuesday the 2nd February, at 12 o’clock, during a videoconference between the Rector of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Professor Maria Amata Garito, and the president of the Somali Global University of Science, doctor Abdulcadir M. Giama, the first academic year of the master’s course in “Health Management”, aimed at the training of the managerial and administrative staff of Somali hospitals, will be inaugurated.
The start-off of the Master’s Course will also see the participation of Alessandro Leto, Secretary to the Italian Minister of Education, University and Research and of representatives of the Somali Parliament and of the Ministry of Higher Education.
This Master’s Course representing the cutting-edge of the agreement between UNINETTUNO and the Global University of Science of Somalia, was signed in the aim of spreading high-level knowledge and expertise and contributing to the empowerment of the local population. Actually, this distance learning Master’s Course, will give the workers of the Somali healthcare services the opportunity of accessing – even if remaining in their own country – an international-level higher education path in English, delivered by the UNINETTUNO best teachers, expert in this field and coming from all over Europe. The Master’s course is addressed to 20 enrolled students which will be joined by further 50 ones starting from March 2016.
The students enrolled in the Master’s Course will access the video lessons, by getting connected to UNINETTUNO’s e-learning platform ( and – in line with the educational model of this distance teaching University – will be able to use multimedia and hypertextual deepening materials, interactive session in live-streaming virtual classrooms, chats and forums.
Additionally, given the geographical area of origin of the students, the project set up a UNINETTUNO technological pole in the premises of the Global University of Science of Galkayo, to allow all those having high-speed access to the Web, to sit for face-to-face exams and take part in the interactive distance training activities.

Rome, the 1st February 2016