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Media releases October 2007

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10/11/2007 The Head Francesco Paravati will receive a special mention in the framework of the national journalistic award “Press Agent of the Year” in Matera (Italy) UNINETTUNO International Telematic University Press Office Awarded for Promoting Dialogue in the Mediterranean Area UNINETTUNO International Telematic University press office will be among the prizewinners of the 2007 edition of the “National Award for Journalism” devoted to the professionals of the press offices. The special mention ''Press Agent of the Year'' for the ‘Culture, Art, Entertainment and Sport” sector will be given for “for his deep commitment in promoting dialogue among the Countries of the Mediterranean Area through television and the new technologies”. These are the grounds that led the jury of the National Award for Journalism, including university teachers, journalists and personalities of the Communication sector, to give to Francesco Paravati, Head of the UNINETTUNO International Telematic University press office, a special mention during the award-giving ceremony that will take place on Friday, the 12th and Saturday, the 13th October in Matera (Italy).

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