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4/16/2020 "Doing Journalism Today: Languages and Tools”: the Signatures of Today’s Italian Journalism at your home in the free online course of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO for all citizens Giulia Aloisio, Alessio Balbi, Maurizio Caprara, Furio Colombo, Luigi Contu, Marco Damilano, Antonio Di Bella, Giovanni Floris, Emanuele Giordana, Ignazio Ingrao, Fabrizio Noli, Edoardo Novelli, Eugenio Occorsio, Raffaele Pastore, Marco Politi, Vittorio Riodi, Giuseppe Sanzotta, Marco Travaglio, Maarten van Aalderen.

Some of the signatures of today’s Italian journalism become the protagonists of the video lessons realized by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, in the free online course entitled "Doing Journalism Today: Languages and Tools", which can be accessed by students, teachers of the schools of all orders and degrees and by the universities and by all the Italian citizens who can access it through the portal of #IOSTUDIOACASACONUNINETTUNO (ISTUDYATHOMEWITHUNINETTUNO).

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