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JOB Center

The bridge between University and the world of work

Are you looking for a job?

JOB Center, UNINETTUNO's Outgoing Orientation and Placement Office, is born! JOB Center is a new structure that provides all the useful tools for UNINETTUNO undergraduates and graduates to enter the labor market.

JOB Center guides the student in the choice of several job opportunities and supports him/her with a fully dedicated office and cutting-edge digital tools such as artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the JOB Center, it is possible to learn and be trained on how to build a CV or a cover letter, on how to present yourself at an interview obtaining the best result.
You will be able to browse through thousands of offers collected on the largest search engines or selected by our Office among UNINETTUNO’s partner companies.

The JOB Center is an Office with resources dedicated to training students on the use of the new platform.

Get the most out of your academic training, enter the JOB Center and make a difference when looking for your future job!

Build your CV

JOB Center uses new digital tools to support students in building an effective and modern CV. Under the guidance of JOB Center's Career Advisors and thanks to the platform's artificial intelligence, it is possible to choose among different CV templates, including Europass, and renew one's way of presenting oneself.

The platform also allows the construction of a cover letter and support in the formulation of a letter of response to a call for interview and other formats of professional communication with companies’ recruiters.

Search for a job offer

The JOB Center platform allows students to choose among thousands of job offers, selected and filtered through the major search engines; it also gives access to the job offers posted by UNINETTUNO’s partner companies, facilitates the submission of applications and accelerates the matching process. The platform is developed in collaboration with Jobiri, a leading company in the sector, and uses artificial intelligence to help students and companies find a job offer compatible with their expectations.

Prepare for an interview

Thanks to JOB Center, UNINETTUNO students will have at their disposal a range of tools allowing them to hone their interviewing skills. It will be possible to:

  • Follow over 150 video lessons on how to sustain an interview;
  • Train for a formal interview;
  • Record, view, and correct errors;

JOB Center for companies

The JOB Center allows UNINETTUNO's partner companies and agencies to draw on students' information through a preferential channel. Thanks to the platform and to the Placement Office, the partner companies will be able to select the candidates that best correspond to their profile of interest, since UNINETTUNO can boast a heterogeneous number of students, many of whom with previous qualified experience in the world of work.
Through the exclusive platform, the partner companies will be able to:

  • Add job offers;
  • Manage posted vacancies;
  • View student CVs through the "Talents Bank";
  • Manage student applications for their own job offers.

Moreover, the JOB Center guarantees continuous assistance to the UNINETTUNO partners through the operators of its office as well as training on the use of the platform.
Requesting the registration to the platform is easy: you only need to send an e-mail to:, specify that you wish to become a UNINETTUNO partner and follow the procedure received by e-mail.
Becoming a UNINETTUNO partner means opening one's own company to professional profiles with extensive competences and great mental flexibility. It is an opportunity not to be missed!


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Programmazione Didattica

Build your CV

Programmazione Didattica

Search for a job offer

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Prepare for an interview

Calendario Esami


JOB Center
Outgoing Orientation and Placement Office

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