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Conference “For Virtuous Collaboration between Media and Education” 22 Οκτ 2015 Roma, Palazzetto del Burcardo

On Thursday, the 22nd October, at 5 pm, the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO organizes – on the occasion of the XXIX Edition of the Eurovisions Festival – a meeting whose title is “For a Virtuous Collaboration between Media and Education”.
The opening speeches were delivered by the Festival’s Secretary General, Giacomo Mazzone,  and by the Rector of UNINETTUNO University, Maria Amata Garito. Moderator of the debate was the journalist and dean of UNINETTUNO Communication Sciences Faculty, Gianpiero Gamaleri. The panel hosted the contributions of:  Furio Colombo, journalist and writer; Rodolfo De Laurentiis, President of Confindustria Radio Televisioni; Alberto Gambino, President of the Accademia Italiana del Codice di Internet; Maria Pia Rossignaud, Director  of the “Media2000” journal and Maarten Van Aalderen, journalist and former President of the Foreign Press Association.

Education and integration of refugees and immigrants. Understanding Protocol Signed 21 Οκτ 2015 Rome, UNINETTUNO Head Office UNINETTUNO signs a cooperation protocol with A.M.S.I., CO-MAI and Uniti per Unire (United for Uniting) in the presence of the Ambassador of the Arab League in Italy, Nassif Youssef Hitti, and of the Ambassador, Enrico Granara, representing the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry. The agreement envisages a cooperation aimed at promoting the enrolment of refugees and immigrants living in Italy in the University and, in particular, the acknowledgement of educational credits and study qualifications awarded in the countries of origin.
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