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3rd edition of the LHFORUM / Positive Economy Forum in Le Havre. Why and how to replicate the model elsewhere? the training of young people as a key of the method's success

12-13 06 2014

San Patrignano is the largest secular centre of the world for the rehabilitation of drug-addicts and children who have difficulties. Since its foundation San Patrignano has cared for more than 33,000 young people.

Among the participants of the meeting: Jacques Attali- president of PlaNet Finance Group and of Positive Economy Forum, Ellen MacArthur – director of the MacArthur Foundation, Hubert Reeves - astrophysicist and founder of the Humanité et Biodiversité Association, Tri Mumpuni – founder of IBEKA, Dominic Barton - Managing Director of McKinsey, Letizia Moratti -  co- founder of the San Patrignano Foundation, Alaa El Aswany - author of the Egyptian revolution and many other guests. Maria Amata Garito - president and rector of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO - spoke about the coaching and the training of young people as the key success factors of the rehabilitation centre (“Training and Education for the positive economy”).


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