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45th EUCEN Conference: Transferring Knowledge in a Globalised World.

29-31 05 2013

The 45th EUCEN Conference: Transferring Knowledge in a Globalised World: University Permanent Education. This is the theme of the Conference, which examined the role of University Permanent Education in the knowledge society, by analysing two aspects:

    1. competition, collaboration, cooperation, and policies for universities internationalisation; and
    2. knowledge transfer through ICT.

During the conference attention was paid to the following questions: “Why can the cooperation be useful?”; “What are the strategies used?”; “What are the real benefits and potential risks of such policies?”; as well as “What is the way in which the internationalization process is compatible with the teaching and research mission?”.
With regard to the knowledge transfer through ICT, in support of the internationalisation, the universities are developing distance learning courses, investing in the mass education systems and diversifying their target groups.

Their knowledge is spreading around the world thanks to the integration of new tools and new media technologies. Will be available in the future only courses for distance learning? How will the quality of teaching? The debate on the University of Tomorrow has focused mainly on these points.
The Rector of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Prof. Maria Amata GARITO, sent her paper.



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