Eventi 2013


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International Conference on quality in Higher Education. 12-14 12 2013 SAKRYA, TURCHIA The International Conference on Quality in Higher Education (ICQH) was organized by the Sakarya University and Governors State University. This conference aims to provide a multinational platform where were presented the latest trends in higher education, with the aim of learning from each other.
SIEL CONFERENCE: IX National Conference on e-learning. 11-12 12 2013 ROME, ITALY The Conference SIEL: IX National Conference on e-learning was organized by the School of Distance Education under the chairmanship of Prof. Aurelio Simone, former President of the SIEL. During the IX Conference of the Italian E-learning Society the attention was paid to the relations among Policies, Training and technologies as key elements for the development of the country and society.
A Roma gli esperti internazionali sulla protezione del patrimonio culturale dai disastri 4 12 2013 Roma, via IV Novembre 14. Sala delle Bandiere dell’Ufficio di rappresentanza del Parlamento europeo in Italia
Il convegno punta a proporre un quadro normativo capace di ridurre l’impatto dei disastri naturali e antropici sul patrimonio culturale
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