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Eventi December 2013


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International Conference on quality in Higher Education. dd/MM/yyyy-14.12.2013 SAKRYA, TURCHIA The International Conference on Quality in Higher Education (ICQH) was organized by the Sakarya University and Governors State University. This conference aims to provide a multinational platform where were presented the latest trends in higher education, with the aim of learning from each other.
SIEL CONFERENCE: IX National Conference on e-learning. dd/MM/yyyy-12.12.2013 ROME, ITALY The Conference SIEL: IX National Conference on e-learning was organized by the School of Distance Education under the chairmanship of Prof. Aurelio Simone, former President of the SIEL. During the IX Conference of the Italian E-learning Society the attention was paid to the relations among Policies, Training and technologies as key elements for the development of the country and society.
A Roma gli esperti internazionali sulla protezione del patrimonio culturale dai disastri 04.12.2013 Roma, via IV Novembre 14. Sala delle Bandiere dell’Ufficio di rappresentanza del Parlamento europeo in Italia
Il convegno punta a proporre un quadro normativo capace di ridurre l’impatto dei disastri naturali e antropici sul patrimonio culturale

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