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Industry 4.0 in Circular Economy. Open Innovation for Security and Sustainability in the Era of Digital Technologies 31 05 2018 Rome – UNINETTUNO Multimedia Hall - Piazza Grazioli, 17 A conference aimed at deepening complex issues linked to the era of digital technologies. On issues such as big data, chemical and biological risks, web 3.0, Industry 4.0 and Open Innovation.
"Internet: le sfide del giornalismo 4.0" 24 05 2018 Roma - Sala Multimediale Uninettuno - Piazza Grazioli, 17 Un nuovo appuntamento con i Digital Talks di UNINETTUNO: il 24 maggio, alle ore 11, giornalisti italiani e internazionali parleranno di "Internet: sfide del giornalismo 4.0".
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