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Ingegneria civile e ambientale (Academic Year 2019/2020) - Costruzioni, Estimo e Topografia

Economics for Engineerign


Lesson n. 1: Introduction to Economics
   General defenitions and what Economics studies

   Economic reasoning

   Market (Demand - Supply)

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Lesson n. 2: Market demand
   Aggregation among consumers

   Elasticity of demand

   Cross elasticity

   Consumer Surplus

   Some applications
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Lesson n. 3: Production
   Production function

   Inputs of production

   Productivity and its measurement

   Short-term production

   Long-term production
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Lesson n. 4: Short term costs
   Costs classification

   Short-term costs

   Some relationships among costs

   Some functional relationships
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Lesson n. 5: The Competitive Firm
   Objectives and definitions

   Profit maximisation in the short-term and optimal conditionos

   Condition of minimum production and supply curve
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Lesson n. 6: Equilibrium in perfect competition
   Short-term equilibrium

   Optimal conditions and long-term equilibrium

   Long-term equilibrium
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Lesson n. 7: Monopoly
   Definition and causes

   Profit maximisation

   Marginal revenue

   Optimal conditions

   Multi-plant monopolist

   Price descrimination
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Lesson n. 8: Welfare Economics
   Objectives (Society Welfare)

   Exchange Economy

   Edgeworth box

   The role of prices
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Lesson n. 9: Welfare Theorems and General Economic Equilibrium (I)
   First theorem of welfare economics

   Second theorem of welfare economics

   General Economic Equilibrium (I)
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Lesson n. 10: Introduction to Macroeconomics
   Macroeconomics: aggregate economic quantities

   The concept of GDP

   Macroeconomic variables
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Lesson n. 11: Aggregate economic activity in figures
   Defenition of National Accounts

   Gross Domestic Product GDP

   Criteria for measuring Gross Domestic Product

   GDP and income
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Lesson n. 12: Aggregate Demand and Supply
   Aggregate demand

   Aggregate supply

   Determinants od AD and AS

   Demand-side policies

   Supply-side policies

   Long-term AD and AS
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Lesson n. 13: Labour and Unemployment
   LD - LS labour demand and labour supply

   Equilibrium in labour market

   The concept of unemployment

   Okun's law

   Analysis of unemployment
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Lesson n. 14: Inflation and Phillips Curve

   Phillips Curve
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Lesson n. 15: Foreign trade
   Foreign exchanges

   Balance of payments

   Exchange rate

   Real exchange rate
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