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After the launch that took place in the past weeks (which was very successful), the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO has recently improved and enhanced its "Identity Provider" service, that is, the granting of a digital identity aimed to for all users (students, lecturers and staff members) that allows them to access web services and resources with a single password, the same one used to enter the portal of the online university.

This whole process takes place in accordance with European Union directives, which have been stimulated and accelerated by the Erasmus+ process, which, actually, allows the student to use the same credentials even within another university.

The "Identity Provider" service was made possible by joining the IDEM (IDEntity Management federation for access to services) and the eduGAIN interfederation (which connects national identity federations with each other to simplify access to content, services and resources for the Research and Education community). IDEM and eduGAIN allow access to a number of federated services using a single institutional digital identity. For example, you can access electronic journals wherever you are using the same username and password that you use to access the University portal. It will then be possible to access, for example, publishing resources, databases, research organizations and cultural institutions (associated with IDEM, GARR and eduGAIN) using the credentials already provided by the university.

UNINETTUNO's Identity Provider is already compliant with the ESI (European Student Identifier), the unique electronic identifier for European students (regardless of who is doing Erasmus) acknowledge in other European Education institutions. It enables the unique identification and identity of the student accessing digital services throughout Europe. The ESI is generated exclusively automatically. In Italy, GARR ("Gruppo per l'Armonizzazione della Rete della Ricerca") serves as the national operator of the IDEM (IDEntity Management for Federated Access) identity federation, and ensures the eduGAIN inter-federation service that connects and enables cooperation among identity federations from all over the world.

The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO also used this service to develop SSO (Single Sign On), i.e. access through unique credentials to the various services offered by the University. At first, this platform was implemented between the University's portal and the student community portal (accessible by clicking here ), later it was improved for all (students, lecturers and staff members) to be able to access e-mail and documents (Google Workspace) as well using the credentials of the UNINETTUNO Portal. Their digital identity is managed by the UNINETTUNO Identity Provider.

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