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A few weeks ago the Job Center, the Outbound Orientation and Placement office of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, was born. The Job Center is a new facility that provides all the useful tools for UNINETTUNO undergraduates and graduates to enter the labor market and find valuable professional opportunities.

In fact, thanks to the Job Center, it is possible to learn and be trained on how to build a CV or a cover letter and how to present oneself at an interview getting the best result. You can also scroll through thousands of offers collected on the largest search engines or selected by our office among UNINETTUNO University's partner companies.

The Job Center guides students in choosing among a number of job opportunities and supports them with a fully dedicated office and cutting-edge digital tools such as artificial intelligence. To make the most of the advantages and opportunities offered by the Job Center, UNINETTUNO, in collaboration with technology partner Jobiri, has created an in-depth 60-minute video lesson designed to get the most out of the tools of the new platform dedicated to students and graduates. The training session, which you can watch at this link:, includes an overview of the current job market, advice on the right mindset with which to approach the job search, and presentation of tools that will help you achieve your career goals.

The Job Center, at the same time, is also a useful tool for companies. Indeed, it allows them to tap into student information through a preferential channel. Thanks to the platform and the Placement Office, it will be up to the partner companies to select the candidates that best match their profile of interest, as UNINETTUNO University can boast a heterogeneous number of students, many of them also with previous qualified experience in the world of work.

The Job Center also guarantees continuous assistance through its office operators to UNINETTUNO partners as well as training on the use of the platform. Requesting registration to the platform is simple: just send an email to , specify that you want to become a UNINETTUNO partner and follow the procedure received by email.

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