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The Annual conference of the "EADTU - European Association of Distance Teaching Universities", the association of which the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO is a historical partner, took place from 19 to 21 October in Athens.  It was a particularly important appointment for UNINETTUNO since, besides being the only Italian university (both among the traditional and the online ones) present in the team and in the Board of Directors, it was also officially elected as a member of the SUPERVISORY BOARD of the association. So, since a few days UNINETTUNO, with this new prestigious role, will support the Director General of the association in the development of new projects and policies in the relations with the European Commission for the identification of new regulations for distance universities.

The EADTU is a network of universities whose mission is to influence public policy as regards online and distance learning while raising funds for innovation in the area of e-learning. The association is also at the center of the Modernization Agenda of European universities and is committed to the creation of a European Education Area in accordance with the Bologna Declaration and the ET2020 Strategy.

The focus of the event was "Digital Reset: European Universities Transforming for a Changing World." European universities today face deep societal changes and crises. To go beyond responses and practices to emergencies, experts from the world of online, blended and distance learning gathered during the Conference. International partners shared their expertise on the topic of new modes of (digital) education and explored opportunities toward inclusive, high-quality education in the face of a changing world.

The EADTU conference was also an opportunity to stress again the importance of fruitful collaboration among distance universities. Indeed, a consensus is increasingly emerging that blended education-a term that embraces various combinations of classroom presence and online study-will become the most common approach to teaching and learning in higher education. Technology on the other hand is now widely accepted as a normal part of higher education, both by students and by teachers themselves.

More information is available on the association's website:

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