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MDAT - Metropolitan Development Agency of Thessaloniki


MDAT has been established since 1994, it is an Intermunicipal agency for cooperation in fields covering the Metropolitan level of the urban agglomeration of Thessaloniki as an Intermunicipal legal entity under public Law. Its main shareholder is the MUNICIPALITY of THESSALONIKI and 10 Municipalities of the greater Urban Metropolitan Agglomeration of Thessaloniki City:  

  • Municipality of Kalamaria 
  • Municipality of Pavlos Melas 
  • Municipality of Ampelokipoi-Menemeni 
  • Municipality of Kordelio-Evosmos 
  • Municipality of Neapoli-Sykies 
  • Municipality of Delta 
  • Municipality of Oraiokastro 
  • Municipality of Thermi 
  • Municipality of Chalkidona 
  • Municipality of Pylaia-Chortiatis    

The Company works as a common tool for local authorities and its main scope is to provide technical support in local authorities in the field of bussiness growth, local economic, tourism, transportation and social issues and to coordinate inter municipal projects in the above fields but also to assist its members to have access in European Unions funds and Banks (E.I.B. - E.D.R.B.) or other international development organizations.

Organizational Structure and Units:
  • Directorate-General
Directorate of Financial and Administrative Services:

  • Department of Financial Management 
  • Department of Administrative Support and Personnel
  • Secretariat

Directorate of Legal Support, International and European Programs and Co-operations:

  • Department of Legal Support
  • Department of International and European Programs and Co-operations

Directorate of Urban Resilience and Strategic Planning:

  • Department of Urban Resilience
  • Department of Research and Strategic Planning

Directorate of Publicity and event Management :

  • Events Management Department
  • Press and Publicity Department

Role in the Project
MDAT will be involved in WP2 mainly in Co-Creation workshops, both being able to engage local stakeholders and bringing to the workshop its expertise. Moreover, in WP 6 (piloting) MDAT could communicate and disseminate project’s results and findings in each members and other local stakeholders and promote the involvement of external stakeholders for the sustainability of REBUILD project

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