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Management Engineering (Academic Year 2020/2021) - Economics path

Probability and Statistics


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Lesson n.1: Introduction
Lesson n.2: Sample Space and Events
Lesson n.3: Set Theory and Operations
Lesson n.4: Definition of Probability
Lesson n.5: Counting Techniques
Lesson n.6: Conditional Probability
Lesson n.7: Independence and Bayes Theorem
Lesson n.8: Discrete Random Variables
Lesson n.9: Continuous Random Variables
Lesson n.10: Cumulative Distribution Function
Lesson n.11: Expectation and Variance
Lesson n.12: Joint Probability Function
Lesson n.13: Conditional Probability Function
Lesson n.14: Conditional Expectation
Lesson n.15: Some Discrete Distributions
Lesson n.16: Some Continuous Distributions
Lesson n.17: Graphical Methods for Describing
Lesson n.18: Describing Data with Numbers
Lesson n.19: Statistical Inference
Lesson n.20: Confidence Intervals for One Sample
Lesson n.21: Confidence Intervals for Two Samples
Lesson n.22: Hypothesis Testing - One Sample
Lesson n.23: Hypothesis Testing - Two Samples
Lesson n.24: Linear Regression
Lesson n.25: Regression Assumptions


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