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Computer networks

Language: English
Course description
This course provides an outlook on communication systems and a knowledge basis about computer networks. The functionalities and applications of local and geographical area networks are described as well as the solution for their interconnection. Network services are introduced and described along with their application to the Internet Network
Base computer science knowledge, ability to develop C code
After attending this course a student should be able to: - Understand and use the technical terminology and method related to the topics of the course - Analyse an existing project of a local o geographical network as well as to define the requirements for designing a new one - design simple network configurations and software applications
Services provided by computer networks Telecommunication concepts and signal theory Communication architectures, levels, protocols, interfaces; the ISO/OSI model and the TCP/IP architecture Topology and transmission channels Copper wires and optical fibre Physical level coding and modems Structured wiring systems Public networks, multiplexing and the evolution of packet switching networks, ATM Local Networks, the MAC sub-layer, Ethernet and IEEE 802.3, Token Ring and FDDI Internetworking principles Interconnection of local networks with bridges and switches Wireless Local Area Networks and Virtual Local Area Networks Routing, Layer 3 addresses, the IP protocols, the ARP protocol The Transport layer, the Berkley Socket The application layer in TCP/IP Remote Management of network devices, the SNMP protocol (working principles and outline) Electronic mail: message format (RFC822 and MIME); message transfer (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP principles) News and hints to the NTTP protocol The World Wide Web, the HTTP protocol and the browser Introduction to the development of interactive services: the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), the Java and Javascript languages.
Tanenbaum, Andrew S., "Computer networks.", Prentice Hall PTR (ECS Professional) A must-read, which has been updated many times and provides a wide view on computer networks from transmission issues for the different types of connections to Internet-based applications. S. Gai, P.L. Montessoro, P. Nicoletti, "Reti locali: dal cablaggio all’internetworking", ed. SSGRR, L’Aquila, 1997, [only available in Italian], A good starting point for Italian-speaking students, this interactive CDROM also contains introductory presentations about many topics, as well as interesting articles, thesis and RFCs
Tests are aimed at providing a practical understanding of the theoretical principles addressed in the frame of the whole course. 1. Network services and architecture 2. The Physical Layer 3. The Data-Link layer 4. The Network Layer 5. The Transport Layer 6. The Application Layer
Professor not available
Video professors
Prof. Mario Baldi - Politecnico di Torino (Torino - Italy)
List of lessons
Mario Baldi
Mario Baldi
    •  Lesson n. 3: Physical layer 
Mario Baldi
    •  Lesson n. 4: Error control 
Mario Baldi
Mario Baldi
Mario Baldi
Mario Baldi
Mario Baldi
Mario Baldi
Mario Baldi
Mario Baldi
    •  Lesson n. 13: IP addressing 
    •  Lesson n. 15: ARP and ICMP 


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