MOOC Massive Open Online Courses (Academic Year 2018/2019)

Theory of real estate valuation and construction costs

Credits: 6
Language: English
Course description
The course aims to provide students with the discipline theoretical, methodological and principles with particular reference to the estimation of property values and the cost of production, as integral components of their future activities. In particular, we develop the civil and urban valuation till the problems of the evaluation.
Knowledge of mathematics
The main objective of the course is to provide students with the principles and critical tools to analyze the processes of urban development, as well as to know the structural characteristics of the land and housing markets, the production process of settlement, as well as the private costs / social expansion and redevelopment of the city's architectural heritage / existing environment. It will take care of both the theoretical aspect of the matter that the application, in relation to professional problems. Deepen the knowledge of the market and of building production. It deals with the problems of the relationship between design and sustainable economy built environment.
Principles of Economics. Introduction to Financial Mathematics. Outline of statistics. The theory assessments. The principles of appraisal. The value judgment and estimation criteria. The synthetic estimation procedures and analytical. The real estate market and construction. Analysis of cash flow. The cost value. The estimated cost of construction. The cost-benefit analysis
Forte C., de Rossi B., Principi di economia ed estimo, Etas libri, Milano 1974 Michieli I., Michieli M.,Trattato di Estimo, Edagricole, Milano 2005 Additional material is provided to students through the "Digital Library" in the website.
During the course learners will be submitted to the tutorials on the main estimation methods proposed during video lessons.
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Video professors
Prof. Maria Nikolaenko - Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building (Tomsk - Russia)
List of lessons
Maria Nikolaenko
Maria Nikolaenko
Maria Nikolaenko
    •  Lesson n. 4: Global cities 
Maria Nikolaenko
Maria Nikolaenko
Maria Nikolaenko
Maria Nikolaenko
    •  Lesson n. 8: Urban finance 
Maria Nikolaenko
Maria Nikolaenko
Maria Nikolaenko