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MOOC Massive Open Online Courses (Academic Year 2018/2019)

Advanced Mathematical Methods

Credits: 9
Language: English
Course description
The course of Advanced Mathematical Methods completes the mathematical concepts showed in the previous two courses. In particular this course is voted to analyze the field of Complex numbers and holomorphic functions. Moreover several integral-differential techniques like Fourier and Laplace transform are widely discussed.
The knowledge of the arguments discussed in Calulus I and Mathematical Methods is essential.
This course aims to the theory of complex functions is developed, concentraing on the holomorphy allowing concrete the computation of a wide number of integrals via residue theorem.
The course of Advanced Mathematical Methods is focused on the complex analysis. First, the complex numbers are introduced and carefully studied. The main topic is the study of analytical and holomorphic functions which stems into path integration theory and residue theorem. The last argument is the discussion of integral transform such as Fourier and Laplace, focusing on the applications.
“Calculus II – Part I”, Uninettuno University Press - McGraw-Hill, 2013 (available on the Uninettuno University Press bookstore).
“Calculus II – Part II”, Uninettuno University Press - McGraw-Hill, 2013 (available on the Uninettuno University Press bookstore).
A wide number of exercises on each of the macro arguments are available. These are fundamental in order to fully grasp the cohomprension of the arguments dealt in the course and often have an applicative aim.
Professor not available
Video professors
Prof. Simon Salamon - Politecnico di Torino (Torino - Italy)
List of lessons
    •  Lesson n. 10: Euler formula 


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