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USA, 2017 M. A. Garito

A UNIVERSITY FOR REFUGEES: EDUCATION WITHOUT BOUNDARIES, in Journal of Modern Education Review (JMER), Volume 7, No. 8

ISSN 2155-7993, USA, pp. 568-575


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New York (Usa), 2017 M. A. Garito UNIVERSITY FOR REFUGEES: EDUCATION WITHOUT BOUNDARIES, intervento presentato in occasione dell’International Conference on e-Learning in the Workplace ICELW 2017, New York, NY, USA, 14-16 Giugno 2017  
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Parigi, 2017 M. A. Garito ISTRUZIONI SENZA CONFINI – UN MODELLO DI UNIVERSITÀ GLOBALE, intervento presentato in occasione del Visionary Leadership Forum UNESCO. Parigi, 24 Maggio 2017
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Ginevra, 2017 M. A. Garito ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES IN HIGHER EDUCATION.THE CASE OF DISTANCE LEARNING, intervento per presentare il Master in "Water Awareness, Consciousness, Knowledge and Management", Convegno Water as a Common Good, organizzato da Water Academy SRD. Ginevra, 11-12 Maggio 2017
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