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MA in Media and Communications (Anno Accademico 2015/2016)

Media Ethic in Professional Journalism

CFU: 10
Lingua: Italiano
Descrizione dell'insegnamento

This module aims to provide and equip students the knowledge from the issues of ethics and morality within the principles of professional journalism. Students will be introduced with the terms related to ethical principles and otherwise consider standards of practice and behaviour for media professionals – journalists, but also practitioners of public relations, advertising and marketing. Also, we will focus on the issues of ethic theories, values and stands. We will look at global mass media both as they are and as we might wish them to be. Also, It will be processed the moral approaches: deontological and pragmatic. Specially, it will be elaborated an importance of the ethics for the society. Module will encircle moral virtues of the professional journalism as well as ethic and moral treatment of public and private in media. In the same time will be processed the responsibility of professional journalists and responsibilities of the media as well as ethic codex of the journalistic profession. New technologies and social media will have significant place within the understanding of ethic behaviour within the real time journalism.


There are no prerequisites.


At the end of this module, students will be able to:


  • - Understand how the existing ethic (of the journalist and as well of the society) influences everyday life and professional work.
  • - Evaluate key development in the fields of Media Ethics in Professional Journalism
  • - Know the defining intellectual traditions of the fields, in such a way that they can produce their own “ ethical map” of the field
  • - Evaluate and apply a range of methodological approaches relevant to conducting research in the field
  • - Demonstrate an advanced level of conceptual, methodological and empirical knowledge appropriate for a sustained piece of research in the field
  • - Understand the norms and rules that are within the foundation of human behaviour, activity and relations and journalistic professional standards.
  • - Understand theoretic, normative and practical knowledge which helps the professional journalists to orientate morally - truly, accurately and honestly within the different situations anent daily events when they proselytize towards public and make influence on creation of public opinion.
- Understanding which intellectual abilities are essential to ethical reasoning.
Docente d'Area
Sabahudin Hadzialic
Docenti video
Prof. Sabahudin Hadžialić - Associated Professor (Bosnia Herzegovina)
Elenco delle lezioni
Sabahudin Hadžialić
Sabahudin Hadžialić
Sabahudin Hadžialić
Sabahudin Hadžialić
Sabahudin Hadžialić
Sabahudin Hadžialić
Sabahudin Hadžialić
Sabahudin Hadžialić
Sabahudin Hadžialić
Sabahudin Hadžialić

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