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LPEB - Licence professionnelle pour la performance énergétique et environnementale des bâtiments


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Course description

The course "Ecology" is taught at the third year. It consists of 8 lectures and 17 seminars. In addition, the course include self-work. The course ends with an exam.

No prerequisite requirements

The purpose of discipline is formation of the abilities to assess the impact of their professional activity and optimal decision-making, eliminating environmental degradation. Tasks of discipline: acquaintance with the terminology and concepts of ecology; - understanding of basic environmental laws; - understanding of the role of anthropogenic influence in a particular region and to the biosphere as a whole; - understand the prospects for the use of new achievements of science in the organization of modern technologies in the context of the existing environmental problems


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Svetlana Chusovlyanova
List of lessons
Svetlana Chusovlyanova
Svetlana Chusovlyanova
Svetlana Chusovlyanova
Svetlana Chusovlyanova
Svetlana Chusovlyanova
Svetlana Chusovlyanova
Svetlana Chusovlyanova
Svetlana Chusovlyanova


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