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English Language - A1/A2 - new edition

Welcome into the system of UTIU Virtual Classrooms,

Here you can develop collaborative and cooperative learning processes in an interactive way and socialize on the web thanks to the Internet. UTIU Virtual Classrooms are a system of interactive classrooms via IP, Web and Second Life that allows you to connect with your Tutors and Teachers by videoconferencing from anywhere you are in the world.


Web-based Virtual Classroom

If you can dispose of a videoconferencing system and of a public IP you will only need to get wired at the scheduled time to the IP address and you will be able to attend the videoconference; this system allows you the highest degree of interaction since it directly operates by the audio-video mode.

Instead, if you do not dispose of videoconferencing system, the UTIU Virtual Classroom allows all students to follow the videoconference sessions alive since it puts at your disposal a web-based video-streaming service connected alive to a chat-room that assures interactivity. In order to get wired to the UTIU Virtual Classroom, you only need to click on the Access to the Virtual Classroom link. Accessing by this mode, you do not need any additional configuration as it regards the requirements needed to benefit from the normal training activities available on UTIU portal.


Virtual Classroom on UTIU Island of Knowledge on Second Life

In addition, events, lessons, tutoring-sessions and seminars are organised in the Virtual Classrooms on UTIU Island of Knowledge on Second Life. Professors, Tutors and Students interact through their own Avatars in a three-dimensional environment especially designed to have training experience and to allow for audio and three-dimensional textual interactions.

At the entrance to the Classrooms on UTIU Island of Knowledge on Second Life you will find a board by which to get assistance in creating your own Avatar, which is available also on the web:
Guide on How to Create your own Avatar on Second Life

In order to access to the Classrooms on UTIU Island of Knowledge on Second Life you need to have set up the Second Life software package that can be downloaded at: http://secondlife.com/support/downloads.php

In order to check which are the systems requirements that you need for the access proceduure, a detailed information page is available at: http://secondlife.com/support/sysreqs.php

You will find the schedule of your tutoring rendezvous in the Web-based Virtual Classroom and in Second Life Virtual Classrooms in the Student’s Agenda.


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